Friday, 7 August 2015


Every day I'm walking the paddocks looking to see if today is the day for more lambs.

 No more lambs yet.(The count so far the count is 3).
 I go away in 2 weeks for a workshop and I am hoping lambing would have been over ....
Lambing is my favourite time of year living here and I don't want to miss any being born,

I'm ready for spring. This winter has been a wet one, we have ponds in all the paddocks. Not the best for the sheep's feet. Once spring hits and the ground warms up we might just get a real burst of lush grass.

Snow drops are everywhere spring is a coming...


  1. i love lambs! since the house is being painted and repaired, i am hoping the warm dry weather lasts...a first for me! i don't want this job to last any longer than it is scheduled to.

  2. Unfortunately we lost one of our twins. We will be looking for an alpaca I think Very wet paddocks here too. I also hope when the spring comes it will mean more grass. We will need to make hay this year. We are almost out!

  3. I love how lambs and different flowers depending on where you live signal spring is on the way. Only a few weeks until we can rejoice and the warmer weather will be upon us. Love the photos.