Friday, 21 August 2015


 I haven't left for New Plymouth yet, but I am already homesick
Terribly homesick if you must know.

I suppose I have a life that I don't feel I need a vacation from.

 Like really who would want to leave home in the middle of lambing season?

 It is the first year ever I have not been here for the girls. Brent will be here and is quite capable of helping the ewes if need be. But he has never done the night feeds of a new lamb. So fingers and toes are crossed that the girls who are still to lamb will wait until I get home.

 Then there is the garden which is changing rapidly daily - blossoms on the almond tree

The plum tree is promising another bounty crop

 First asparagus spear is up

chickweed to harvest (it makes the best eczema cream)

 Any day now the grapefruit will be ready for the picking

 The secret to good grapefruit is putting sheep dags around the circumference.
Do you do that too?

 Any day now the Kowhai tree will burst into bloom.
I'm going to miss such a lot of changes in one week.
My girlfriends know me well and will tease me something shocking.

 Farm Stay guests...

Beau and Sienna have arrived - they are used to Brent and their owners laughed when Brent informed them that they (owners) would not be missed.

Bella and Molly are here too and being girls they also lap up the attention from Brent. I always warned owners that the cats especially the girl cats seemed to like males more...

Brent will be busy on his stay at home holiday looking after all the animals and I am sure the boys will enjoy being bachelors.

Right I suppose I better pack my bags...


  1. have a great trip. i hate leaving home too.

  2. Gosh your asparagus is early. I think I need sheep dags for my lemon tree.