Sunday, 2 August 2015

Farm Stay Guests...



Hi mum, we are not missing you - hope you are having a great time, love Basil and Sammy

 Omar and Coco

 Omar and Coco

 Sterling and Omar

Hi mum and dad - the D.I.E.T. food you sent with Sterling is palatable with a bit of grass.

Omar wonders if Sterling really needs to be on a D.I.E.T as it is affecting Omar and Coco too - they can't just graze on cat nuts all day... they too only get breakfast, lunch and tea....

 Sienna just ooh's and arrrh's from Brent's rattle up - she just wants him to stay all day and pet her.

As for Beau he got all excited with the petting and gave a little love bite (his grandma Briar Rose used to do this too)

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