Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Catch up

                                               twin lambs were born again yesterday

I could spend hours watching the lambs. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when they all start to play together.

The oldest lamb - I do wonder if she will join in with the playing or will she think she is too old.

  Spring is showing promise everywhere I look, the first white bulb is out in the moon garden.
I wonder how many years it will take me to time planting so everything is flowering at the same time.

The broad beans are flowering. My vege patch has only broad beans and hundreds of garlic bulbs. The hens got into my garden and destroyed the kale, spinach and silverbeet, I was gutted. If they were not  pets they would be gone especially since they are so old they don't even lay,

I'm off to New Plymouth next week for another naturopathy workshop. Brent will be home to look after everything. I bet Brent is pleased the garden mishap with the chickens happened on my watch not his.

The naturopath course has been pushing many buttons and I even wanted to throw in the towel. I'm sure everyone must feel like that when they are being stretched. The course load is huge and really intense, there is no spoon feeding so the old grey matter gets a hammering. (I am passing every assignment so I am doing well).

I really did not want to attend the workshop so much so that I actually did nearly quit and even told my tutor. She said "No way are you quitting". We are doing physical exams at this workshop talk about make one vulnerable.

 Can you imagine being a wibbly wobbly 50 year old, who is possibly the oldest in a group of skinny young naturopath wannabes and having to stand in your underwear in front of them all and your tutors - male and females?.

Like would you feel comfortable doing this?

I am wearing yoga gear as I said no way was I going to be standing in my underwear. But I am still going to be way out of my comfort zone.

I am looking forward to next week being over. And totally dreading my stomach having to be palpated and listened to....

I have been posting photos most days to Instagram if you want to follow. here is the link
I actually like instagram you get a lot more feedback with hearts (as likes) than you do blogging. I think I finally know what I am doing over there.


  1. i tell my husband that at our age, no one cares how you look. we all just look old. the young ones will be busy comparing themselves to each other. they will just think you are a really nice older person. you probably will just look like their parents. are going to feel so proud of yourself for all of this.

    1. Joyce you are probably right. But man this is pushing me way out of my comfort zone.

  2. Hello Leanne,

    I love the smell of new born lambs, hope they thrive. Good luck with your exams.

    Happy days.

    1. Yes lambs are special aye. Thanks there is quite a few practical exams at this workshop G U L P.