Wednesday, 12 August 2015

brrrrr winter is freezing.

We are hanging out for spring... a really cold snap has hit and brought along the flu season. 
James had the flu last week and had to have a few days off work.
This week Brent is off work and Abbey is also down with it,
They have all taken my naturopathic pills and potions to help them get through the flu.
(My naturopathic website is being built and as soon as it is all finished I will share it with you.)

I'm itching for the weather to be warmer so I can get outside and pull some weeds.
The planting of spring bulbs up the drive way under the cherry trees is looking really promising of having a lovely spring show. I can hardly wait until everything blooms!

 Laura is Top Cat at our place and my favourite, Sadly she no longer wants to sleep inside in our bed. She won't settle and wants back in the outdoor run. I think it is all to do with her keeping being the boss. She is always the first to eat and usually organises all the other cats around where she will sleep.
I had my camera with me so you too can see how the cats organise their pecking order of who is going to sleep where.


Lordy won and got a bed all to himself.

No new lambs yet - which I'm jolly thankful for with such a bitterly cold snap.


  1. Still cold here but at least the rain has stopped for now. The paddocks are all so wet! The Sunnis shining so I'm hoping that means the end of the freezing weather and the start of the warm up. I hope you all feel better soon xx

    1. It is such a cold snap- sunny days which brighten the day but the wind chill factors is too cold to be in the garden yet.
      Has your lambing finished?

  2. bitterly cold...ah what a wonderful phrase! hope everyone feels better soon. they could sweat it out if they were here.

    1. oh you so need to live 6 months of the year in NZ or even somewhere colder. I don;t think I would cope with your cold temperatures. Next week I'm off to the mount might find you some photos of snow.