Thursday, 16 July 2015

Yarn Along

 With it being winter here I'm stuck inside at night so to keep my hands busy I'm knitting baby gear. Some of my friends are going to be grandparents, I am so enjoying knitting a little something for their daughters. The striped cardi is nearly finished,,,, I just need help on picking up stitches around the neck. Thankfully I have a daughter who is a knitter and a designer, and said she would do it for me. No I didn't teach Abbey to knit, she was homeschooled and taught herself. I give credit to Mathusee for her maths ability - designing patterns needs a maths brain as well as a creative brain.

 My second reversible hat - I think they are soo cute.

 We have had a couple of good frosts down our way brrrr Brent puts feed sacks over the lime tree and other frost tender trees.

 I never quite know how I stumble onto books to listen to on audio. I think I chose this book as
 The Millionaire Next Door is one of my favourite books. I think the word millionaire caught my eye. (I do think I'd cope quite well being a millionaire).
I've been pleasantly surprised and really enjoying listening to Marc Allen's book. He was a publisher and published Shakti Gawain's books which gosh I read when I was 18. Must see if I can get any of her books to listen to.

I've been quiet in blog world as my head has just been in study mode - Year 3 of my naturopathy diploma sure has upped the workload. My head gets rather sore with all the knowledge going in. I've been fascinated about learning diagnostic signs of the tongue - all my friends must be sick of me asking them to poke their tongue out so I can practise what all the signs mean. I must admit if I come across a celebrity who has a photo of their tongue I zoom in and read it,

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  1. i have a textbook geographic tongue. it is really something!

  2. Love the cute knits. We have had very cold weather here too. It's that arctic vortex they keep going on about. I don't mind inside with the fire going and some yarn in my hands. Who needs millions of dollars. Stay warm xx

  3. The baby sweater and hats look so sweet. And soft. I love knitted baby things. :^)

  4. Cute knitting! We have had 3 good frosts here in the 'winterless north'

  5. Nice looking cardigan! Hot here today and I have the A/C running. :) Kit