Thursday, 9 July 2015 and cats

 The white daphne is blooming.
 I was just thinking today that I'd like another one to put in my Moon garden. What a wonderful surprise, Leonardo & Bella's mum brought me a cutting from her garden for my Moon garden.. I always think cuttings from others gardeners gardens are the best.

Yesterday I braved the cold weather and picked some Sweet Violets - it is a slow mindfulness process to pick enough for a vase. But such a wonderful task to be in amongst the scent. Plus the more you pick the more flowers you can get. I brought white violets years ago but I can't remember where I planted them... I do that sort of thing - do you?

Farm Stay Guests....
 Amber all tucked up - it has been bitterly cold here with Wellington even getting a dusting of snow
I've been on hottie duty morning and night for all cat beds - and our fires are both burning so everyone is snug and warm.

 The cats know my routine and the word treaty ... aka Temptations. I'm sure they are not the best for the cats... but we all have a few treats when on holiday. Shiloh has put a bit of weight on in the tummy but once she gets home to the farm and runs around chasing rabbits she will lose it.

 Symba got first dips on dinner tonight - mince and Whiskers casserole which all the cats lick the gravy first.
 Pancho has moved right on back into being here - I think he sees it as his second home which is rather awesome how happy he is here.

 Pancho comes with some rather cool gear - a paw print spoon for his cat nuts

and his little blue bird which he flicks up in the air while the other cats look on. I wonder if the cats have big conversations like kids would.... "awww that's not fair you got cool stuff..."

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  1. snow? i can only wish. it is way too hot and humid here. how cold is it there? i can't wait to see your moon garden fill in!