Thursday, 16 July 2015

View from my kitchen window.

I smiled watching Pancho's bird watching antics this morning

 He is quite happy to sit in the rain and watch the birds through the bars of the chair. I'm not sure what his mum is going to think when she picks him up. He normally is an inside cat at home and immaculately groomed. He keeps getting dirty here.... Maybe he wants dreadlocks.
I wasn't able to brush him this morning because he happily got dripping wet. He dried off but again happily got wet late this afternoon.

Once it stopped raining Pinot got to go out in his run, He was happy to sit in comfort and watch the birds coming and going.


  1. Such handsome mancats. Miss pops loves sitting outside in the rain too.

  2. Love your view! That cat is certainly on vacation...LOL Kit