Saturday, 18 July 2015

This morning out my kitchen window

Pancho loves spending his time outside

 I open the window and call out to him and he meows.....
I wonder if he camped out all night in his log cabin... 
Or if he snuggled up inside with his hottie and then came out early. 

 He was nice and dry this morning,,, Not like yesterday and I could brush out his fur for him,
 I'm so scared he is going to get dreadlocks while staying here. 
Pancho is a very friendly fellow and loves a good conversation when he is being brushed


  1. pancho is my favorite cat. he has such a personality. he might not want to go home. i love that he stays in the log cabin!

  2. Pancho with dreadlocks would look very interesting! Maybe just around the ears and not all over. He is so pretty.