Thursday, 2 July 2015

Looking Up

 Last nights moon nearly at Full.

My attempt at getting photos of the Venus and Jupiter celestial conjunction which has been wonderful to watch.

Farm Stay Guests....

 Again another awesome day - it felt like spring rather than winter. Symba soaking up the sun beams.

 Best shot I got of Shiloh

 As for Amber she wouldn't come out for a photo - so I popped the camera in through the cat door for a photo.

 Bella has worked out she is the first to go in carry cage at night to be taken indoors. This way she gets first nibs at the dinner. I think she likes that.

As for Leonardo I cracked up with these two photos - they seem to say "I am a MandaBurms!"


  1. they say that was the star that the wise men followed.

  2. Hi Leanne, hasn't the sky been full of wonder these last few weeks? I watched the moon set this morning, as I lay in my bed. I so wanted to photograph it but it was just way too cold to venture out. Maybe tomorrow.
    We're having very clear sunny days which makes for very crisp mornings this winter. Out west they're expecting temps to drop to -5'C. Have a great weekend. xxx D.