Friday, 10 July 2015

Lambs and cats

 The lamb is now two weeks old and thriving. We are crossing our fingers no more will be born in the freezing cold weather.

 But the little lamb does need a little play mate

 I could spend hours watching lambs play.

I took a video using the Ipad (slowly getting used to the new gadget) It is on my Instagram account.
I can't remember how to upload videos to the blog.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Symba. Even tho it has been cold - they have spent a lot of time outside today.

 PANCHO!!! His mother is going to be horrified to see this photo. Either Pancho has left his manners at home or he thinks being on holiday he can do as he pleases and eat out of the cat tin. I hope I got all the gravy off his white bib.

Thankfully I had fed Shiloh, Amber and Symba as they wouldn't want to have food that Pancho had licked.
Pancho looking over to the other cats and I am sure he is thinking he would rather have Whiskers than his Fancy Feast.

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