Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Farm Stay Guests

 Welcome back Pancho. Pancho is so easy to get a photo of - I think he quite likes posing.

 Leonardo was too busy getting pats to look at the camera.

 Bella just wanted to eat her mince.
 Amber having a bit of a look through cat flap

 Shiloh enjoying the sun beams
Symba tucks himself up - this polar blast is too cold for him.


  1. They all look very content

    1. Yea - it is nice and small - not too many cats at once which helps the cats. VERY COLD here, the cats are all inside - Pancho is loving his borders and smooches his face up against the wire to say hello. Symba and Amber who do not get on at home I've caught snuggled up together.