Saturday, 11 July 2015

Every Woman Needs a Shed and a cat

 I'm loving the book A Woman's Shed by Gill Heriz. (you can have a sneak peek inside  here)

"A woman must have money and a room of her own" - Virginia Woolf

Farm Stay Guests.

 Shiloh, Symba and Amber go home tomorrow. And aha! I finally have proof that they snuggle up here together.

I opened up the igloo lid so I could get a better photo - Don't Amber and Symba looked miffed that I took their photo.

 I couldn't believe my luck that Shiloh jumped in for a photo. Her coat is dirty- she has been rolling around in bird seed husks that the birds flick into the outdoor runs.

 Pancho had his eye on my camera lens

and he caught it in his savage jaws.


  1. Hahaha maybe the cold made them snuggle together.

  2. i love my shed. right now my husband is trying to take it over. i need to go down there and sweep him out!