Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lambing has begun

Yea the shortest day is over - End of winter, well how I wish - But nope it is not spring, but we do have a lamb. This is the earliest lamb we have ever had.

They do have a habit here of being born during very cold and or wet nights and this little girl was no exception.

 Thankfully we have a week of sunshine forecasted

So now we are watching the other ewes - We didn't think there had been any "action" in the paddock  back in January and weren't expecting lambs here until next month.

 The little lamb is doing fabulously and seems to be thriving.

 She has caused quite some interest.Gus has already established that "He is boss"

Farm Stay Guests,
 Hmmm - I am going to bash you
If you look the other way I wont bash you

 uh uh - don't look at me
 Hmm Im boss today

 Uh Uh - your looking at me - I told you not to
Shall we play instead?


  1. oh how cute!!! somehow that ewe looks very much like me after giving birth!

  2. Maybe is a sign that spring will be early this year, she is very cute

    1. the daffodils are popping up - I'm sure it is not long before spring,

  3. love seeing the lamb, so little and sweet and adorable!

    1. oh she is. So thankful the weather has been kind to her