Sunday, 14 June 2015

Garlic planting begins

 I'm a month late planting my garlic but I began planting it yesterday - 88 cloves are in and the rest will be planted today. I always struggle putting aside the biggest bulbs each year after harvesting. But it is soo worth while breaking up the bulbs to see the size of the cloves. This year will be the biggest planting of garlic so far, with the goal of selling my garlic seeds next year.

Farm Stay Guests...

Chester was born May 1999 so he is 16 years old. He has the frail old man cat feel with a personality of a kitten. He had a good old scratch up and had a big purring session with Brent while he had his beer (no photo sorry). I'll try today to get some better photos of Chester - he is quite hard to photograph as he doesn't really keep still he more wants to have rubs and pats.


  1. I will be happy to go on the list for garlic bulbs next year, do you have any orders yet? Gale winds here all night, no trees down but glasshouse pane blown out, but actually it was blown IN, to land inside, so no glass on the lawn thank goodness. Not so wild now.

  2. that's a lot of garlic. you are planting and i am harvesting scapes soon. do you use your scapes? we love them.