Monday, 1 June 2015

Farm Stay Guests and Knitting

 Molly and Bella spend most of their time in the outdoor run - the days have been cool but not cold.
I'm meant to not let them put on much weight while staying here. So far I have failed as they ate the WHOLE bowl of Science diet oral care nuts. I've now put their diet nuts they came with into the bowl. They don't like them as much at all and pick through till they find the Science oral care ones.

 Cosby and Ella enjoy all the food offered and are not fussy at all - cat mince is their favourite.
Tonight they will get home kill lamb and kidney I've cooked in the crockpot for the animals. I hope they don't tell the sheep they ate their relations.

I've finally managed to learn to knit in the round using circular needles, all very new to me. But once I got the hang of it (had to frog it a term I've learned in the kitting world which stands for ripping back, get it ripit ripit, well I thought it was rather a fun and clever term) anyway now I am zooming along knitting down the body. It is a really clever pattern called a top down - again which means knitting from the top of the garment down to the bottom and there is no seams. So no hand seaming the pieces together - once the knitting it finished it could go straight onto a body - how wonderful is that!
The pattern is called Milo designed by Georgie Hallam an Australian of Tikki Knits and can be found on Raverly. Georgie had just released a 4ply Milo Bambino. There is a Milo May 2015 challenge which has been extended into June - I might just get this Milo finished in time to enter - wouldn't that be fun!

Today is 1st June - I am pleased to turn the page on the month of May 2015!  And look forward to a better month - some months are like that aren't they!


  1. teddy would not mind you killing a sheep to feed her. in fact, she would gladly do the job for you! and i am not sure she would even want it cooked. she is such a savage! i have knitting envy again!

    1. The killer instincts in some dogs... Mack sadly is the same but like Teddy is well under control. I'm trying to learn to S L O W down and knitting helps. Baby clothes are fun and fast plus a lot of my friends children are starting to have babies so I will have a nice stash of baby clothes to gift.

  2. No seams! I am amazed at people that can knit something to wear other than a scarf! Good job.

    1. I know no seams pretty awesome aye. Knitting has changed since I knitted - pleased to of tackled this project. Makes me sit still which is a good thing.