Thursday, 18 June 2015

Dobbing me mates in....

 Mack the mastiff has turned 11 - a good innings for a Mastiff (ave age is 9 years). As he is an old fella he pretty much gets what he wants... this includes what he wants to eat. I buy a big bag of human grade sausages and cook them up for him. Not the most nutritious food, but keeping the weight on an old fella for winter is important.

Mack drove Abbey and I bonkers today barking to come in and out. Until we worked out Mack was determined to take his birthday chewy bone outside to bury. We gave in and let him take it outside. The photos show how guilty he looks knowing digging holes and burying is not a normal behaviour. If you look close you can see all the makeup (aka dirt) on his snout.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Amber caused quite a bit of distress to her family today.... but I'm sure it is only because she saw suitcases and knew her family were planning to go on holiday. Amber gave her brother Symba a good dust up. Which totally upset poor Symba who got let outside to stop the fur flying. Amber was kept inside or so her family thought, she did the old paw under the door trick and got outside too.
Thankfully her family are onto her and had booked the cats stay here a day before they left to go on holiday so the stress levels weren't too high.

 Shiloh seemed to remember being here before and has claimed one of the chairs with the hotties.
But poor old Symba has had a bad day, what with a bust up with Amber, a car ride and staying here was all a bit much for him. He hid himself under some blankets and stayed put. I didn't make him have a photo.

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  1. I did the same for my 17 year old furchild. But I always made sure to pat his sausage dry of grease. Toward the end, I forgot to, and it gave him pancreatitis. I still feel guilty. All they are is love, and that's all they know how to give.