Saturday, 27 June 2015

Creative kids.

Abbey has one of her knitting designs as a kit click here to see it. 

 I got billed for a tractor seat off Trade Me that James brought - As you do!
He has turned his tractor seat into a chair for his work bay. It has wheels so the chair is quite movable.

Farm Stay Guests.....

  Leonardo busy checking everything out

 Bella only just turned around, she had been watching the sheep and lamb

 I have photos to prove Symba and Amber are quite good mates here

Shiloh enjoying the tunnel.


  1. doesn't abbey have the most exquisite lips? of course your kids are talented! the apple does not fall far from the tree!

  2. Love the seat! The shawl is beautiful. Well done both of you xx

  3. Creative kids, cheeky cats, you have it all!! Seriously, well done on their achievement's. Of course I can relate to James' stool, and adore Abbey's shawl! Well done.

    1. Oops I am so embarassed about that apostrophe that turned up in that comment!!

  4. Well done Abbey! that shawl is so beautiful. James' stool is pretty handy and styley.

  5. Golly Abbey would make a great lipstick model. Such beautiful lips. Sounds weird, I know, but true The shawl is not bad either. Wish I could do complicated ones like that but the frustration level would be too high for me.