Thursday, 25 June 2015

Another sunny winter's day

Warning! There is going to be way too much lamb photos over the next few weeks. 
Lambing is my favourite part of living here.

Farm Stay Guests..

Leonardo and Bella arrived today - They have been here before and as usual.... Just walked on in as if they owned the place.

See what I mean - Like really Bella! You are going to jump onto my shoulder as I go past -  Brent loves it when this happens.... I don't.

 I've shared before what a dud of a cat toy this one is.

Yay... Amber & Shiloh think this is awesome - But what the photo is not showing is that it is up to me to bat the ball around the track and then the cats just watch the ball go around and around..... Not my best purchase.

Meanwhile Symba chose to ignore this game and sit in the sun.


  1. i don't think i could see too many pics of lambs!

    1. yea me too - it is the first thing we do as the sun comes up is to whip out and see the lamb