Monday, 8 June 2015

A cold day at home.

 It's been another cold day here. Not much a happening just nose in school books.
I'm doing well and passing all of my assignments. So the hard work is paying off.

Bella and Molly have been inside all day keeping warm. Their cousins Cosby and Ella have gone home so they have the place to themselves.

 Cosby & Ella's mum visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and thought of us when they saw the Steinlen Cat Tea Towel. Made us smile.

Once I googled Steinlen I straight away knew the artist's work. Only a lover of cats can capture the true personality of a cat.


  1. The weather has been on the chilly side here too but not too bad. The sun has been shining all day although it was windy. Still a good day to be outside and getting things done. I got to admit. It wouldn't take much to make me a crazy cat lady. I was just watching my two and thought. Another one would be nice lol

    1. No more pets for us here, I want to travel and they are such a tie.... but I still really want a rooster and a goat...

  2. stella looks so cute in her coat. our low was 72 last night. i have that cat poster framed in my powder room at the guest house.