Friday, 8 May 2015

Year 3 begins.....

My year 3 course books for my diploma in naturopathy have arrived.
I submitted my first assignment last night so I'm back into it.

It was a bit daunting looking at the course work load (I even burst into tears thinking what on earth have I done). I have 30 case studies to do and it is intense! I had been warned by fellow students that year 3 was a lot harder and it is.  Plus I have swatting to do as there is a theory exam and a practical exam this year where two tutors sit in. I never did great at exams in school - I'd go blank and my marks never reflected my class marks... it is a long long time ago since I've sat any exams.

I do miss the marking system of my school days which gave you a percentage and A's, B's and C's. With the modern NZ NZQA marking system it is an achieved or not achieved which really doesn't tell you where you are with your peers.  I seem to be passing well as the tutors have left comments on my assignments such as "a big fat pass", "great job Leanne!! Be proud", "What a fabulous assessment", A very high standard of work. A pleasure to read and mark. Well done!!!"

Which is all very encouraging.

A trip was made to Kikki K to get some supplies. A girl has to have pretty stationery don't you agree.

I've been allocated three specific health conditions which I have to research and then present at year 3 workshop, menopause, food allergies and intolerances which I've got heaps of life experiences with. Depression is the other condition and I've no personal experience with so that is going to be interesting,  but the cross over reading I have done with food allergies is it all begins with gut health. I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into this research.

Right back to the books......


  1. it's always scary to look ahead at the work you have to do but i am betting you will do great! it must also be a bit exciting too?

  2. Talk about getting your teeth into it. I think teeth have a lot to do with peoples health. The price to go to the dentist these days is over the top so far we have spent $10k on our sons teeth and they still have not finished with him. He has to be completely put to sleep when he gets any work done as he clamps down on the dentists fingers he also suffers from a bad gag reflux. All the best for your year 3 study you can do it.

  3. Good luck with it all Leanne, once you get stuck in you'll be right!