Monday, 25 May 2015

Nearly winter

 First of the season yams - oh how our family adore yams.

 The flowering Cherry trees leaves are a changing

The season is changing and we can see and feel winter coming. BRRR (two fires going this morning)

 It is nearly the first quarter.

  So the weekend was spent trying to catch up with my vege garden. The winter garden is nearly planted. Seedlings that went in were kale, spinach, broccoli and coriander.
Once it is light I will see if any are left... we are having quite a war with the pukekos and they are winning so far SIGH!

 Thankfully the pukekos left some broad beans which are growing strong. Our family also like broad beans - but only young I don't let them get big. We eat the tops too lightly steamed - very delicious.

I've been quite in blog land - I've been learning how Instagram works - it is rather fun and super quick. Yell if you have an Instagram so I can find you - this is my page here


  1. and here i sit squinting in bright sun and temps in the 80's. not to my liking one bit!

    1. We commented how much you would be enjoying our temperatures. .. it is not even winter yet and I am feeling the cold.

  2. I adore yams - and have never thought of growing them. I really must try it sometime! It looks like you got a good haul!

    1. Nope these are not mine, nor are they organic they are the very first to arrive in the supermarket, Yams and Persimmons I will pay sill money for as love them so.