Saturday, 30 May 2015

Farm Stay Guests.

 Ella is rather loyal to her family - she tolerates me and likes a pat but also seems to say you are not one of my persons.

Feeding the big cat

 Cosby he is all over me until he gets his food then he gets busy doing his stuff. Laura if she had to go to a cattery I am sure would be like this too.

Molly and Bella have arrived and they have also settled in well, They love their mince and have worked out my routine quite quickly.

It is not as cold this morning - it has been bitterly cold with beautiful sunny autumn days. I'm pleased it isn't too cold as James has gone away camping and 4WDing so no doubt I will have loads of muddy clothes to wash on his return as mothers do.


  1. i envy your cold weather. if i had a cat, i would wish for a place like yours to vacation it when i am not home. kitty heaven! i hope james has fun!

    1. We have had some lovely sunny autumn days - now looking forward to Mid Winter and our turkey feast - then it will not be long before spring, We have plenty of wood to get us through the coming cold days,,,, It was a fine day for James and his 4wd - rained in the night so they will be happy as there will be MUD