Sunday, 24 May 2015

Farm Stay Guests

 Excuse the bed unmade - I had yet to do that but snapped some photos of Ella while she was sitting still.

 Cosby is a very handsome fella and so solid - he makes me wish I was still breeding such stunning cats. He looks a little grumpy in the photo but he is far from it - such a smoochy fella. It is hard when the cats stay here for a long period of time as I get a bit too fond of them.

 GUILTY! These three old dears are in full retirement and we are getting no eggs, as they are pets they will stay their days out here. Angie the white hen, her comb is getting whiter with age.

There are two really friendly last years lambs - I mentioned this to the family and found out they have names - this one is Teddy as looks like a teddy bear face..... from experience it is not wise to name your sheep.


  1. What a great face! I want to nuzzle and give it a kiss. :) Kit

    1. OH I know and soo tame - it is hard at times not to get attached. But she will be with us for a few years yet.