Sunday, 31 May 2015

A girls night out

Us girls went off to see the Moscow Ballet - Sleeping Beauty
The dancing was spectacular. I always find Tchaikovsky's popular symphonic score rather moving.
However I did get a tad lost and confused with the storytelling of the ballet and many little girls who were in the audience did too (there were darling little wanna be ballerinas with their hair up in ballet buns - I wish I could of taken some photos to show you). We heard them whispering questions to their mothers and grandmothers. How a mother is to explain why Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf plus Puss in Boots are in a Sleeping Beauty Ballet I'm not sure. Plus why is Sleeping Beauty dancing with Prince Charming when he hasn't yet kissed her awake. Quite confusing for a little one and a purest of Fairy Tales.

We had wonderful seats, four rows from the front and we could see the expressions on the dancers faces and watch their feet ever so up close. Plus we could see the Big Bad Wolf talking to little Red Riding Hood through his mask which was rather funny. Fab seats! Fab treat out!

Before the ballet we visited a restaurant from The Entertainment Book. It is the first year we have brought a book. The charity we chose was Wellington Free Ambulance since our family has used its services a few times.

It's rather fun trying lots of new places - last night we tried The Grand which is a steakhouse on Courtney place Wellington.
I'm not a fan of eating out, it is often a hassle to explain food allergies but the waitress was great and totally got it that I wanted no sauce or dressing, Choosing a plain meal is always safer.
With having the entertainment book we had a buy one main and get the second main free, I chose the stonegrill Mt Victoria rump. Man I've never eaten that much steak at once in my life. It was awesomely fun cooking my steak to just how I like it on the stonegrill. They have a lunch menu which is only $12.00 and plenty to choose from which does not have wheat - I know next time we are in Wellington we will pop in for lunch. The service was great, food very generous portions and a great atmosphere.
There are lots of pictures of what Wellington used to look like over the last 140 years on their walls.

A wonderful night out!

The Farm Stay guests all got fed a bit earlier so I could go out - but none seemed to complain... I just hope they don't expect to get fed earlier today


  1. what fun! i saw the moscow ballet in NYC back years ago and seem to remember that their costumes matched the dress i was wearing. it was the 80's after all. padded shoulders and a lot of black and gold.

    1. I loved the padded shoulder phase of the 80's. There were lots of pretty tutu's on the stage.

  2. Looks like you girls had a fun night out. I am not a huge fan of the ballet - it always sends me to sleep and I haven;t been to the Grand in years, sounds like the food was good value.

    Keep warm.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. Really good value - Have you got an entertainment book? Really fab and lots of places to try for you and your friends, I nodded off in the ballet but then it was way past my bedtime,

  3. Sounds like a wonderful night. I've never been to a real ballet. But 18 years worth of concerts for my daughter must count for something don't you think lol