Sunday, 31 May 2015

A girls night out

Us girls went off to see the Moscow Ballet - Sleeping Beauty
The dancing was spectacular. I always find Tchaikovsky's popular symphonic score rather moving.
However I did get a tad lost and confused with the storytelling of the ballet and many little girls who were in the audience did too (there were darling little wanna be ballerinas with their hair up in ballet buns - I wish I could of taken some photos to show you). We heard them whispering questions to their mothers and grandmothers. How a mother is to explain why Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf plus Puss in Boots are in a Sleeping Beauty Ballet I'm not sure. Plus why is Sleeping Beauty dancing with Prince Charming when he hasn't yet kissed her awake. Quite confusing for a little one and a purest of Fairy Tales.

We had wonderful seats, four rows from the front and we could see the expressions on the dancers faces and watch their feet ever so up close. Plus we could see the Big Bad Wolf talking to little Red Riding Hood through his mask which was rather funny. Fab seats! Fab treat out!

Before the ballet we visited a restaurant from The Entertainment Book. It is the first year we have brought a book. The charity we chose was Wellington Free Ambulance since our family has used its services a few times.

It's rather fun trying lots of new places - last night we tried The Grand which is a steakhouse on Courtney place Wellington.
I'm not a fan of eating out, it is often a hassle to explain food allergies but the waitress was great and totally got it that I wanted no sauce or dressing, Choosing a plain meal is always safer.
With having the entertainment book we had a buy one main and get the second main free, I chose the stonegrill Mt Victoria rump. Man I've never eaten that much steak at once in my life. It was awesomely fun cooking my steak to just how I like it on the stonegrill. They have a lunch menu which is only $12.00 and plenty to choose from which does not have wheat - I know next time we are in Wellington we will pop in for lunch. The service was great, food very generous portions and a great atmosphere.
There are lots of pictures of what Wellington used to look like over the last 140 years on their walls.

A wonderful night out!

The Farm Stay guests all got fed a bit earlier so I could go out - but none seemed to complain... I just hope they don't expect to get fed earlier today

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Farm Stay Guests.

 Ella is rather loyal to her family - she tolerates me and likes a pat but also seems to say you are not one of my persons.

Feeding the big cat

 Cosby he is all over me until he gets his food then he gets busy doing his stuff. Laura if she had to go to a cattery I am sure would be like this too.

Molly and Bella have arrived and they have also settled in well, They love their mince and have worked out my routine quite quickly.

It is not as cold this morning - it has been bitterly cold with beautiful sunny autumn days. I'm pleased it isn't too cold as James has gone away camping and 4WDing so no doubt I will have loads of muddy clothes to wash on his return as mothers do.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Farm Stay Guests

 Ella and Cosby was just far too engrossed devouring their dinner for photos...
I do love how their tails are nearly touching. They are good mates.

A smorgasbord cat style.

Their family chose a good time to go overseas - it is freezing here even with the two fires roaring we are cold... All the cats have their hotties and igloos to snuggle into. It takes me 20 minutes morning and night to heat the cats hotties in the microwave. All of my family members know the ding on the microwave means next hottie is due to go in and who ever is closest pops the next one in.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Nearly winter

 First of the season yams - oh how our family adore yams.

 The flowering Cherry trees leaves are a changing

The season is changing and we can see and feel winter coming. BRRR (two fires going this morning)

 It is nearly the first quarter.

  So the weekend was spent trying to catch up with my vege garden. The winter garden is nearly planted. Seedlings that went in were kale, spinach, broccoli and coriander.
Once it is light I will see if any are left... we are having quite a war with the pukekos and they are winning so far SIGH!

 Thankfully the pukekos left some broad beans which are growing strong. Our family also like broad beans - but only young I don't let them get big. We eat the tops too lightly steamed - very delicious.

I've been quite in blog land - I've been learning how Instagram works - it is rather fun and super quick. Yell if you have an Instagram so I can find you - this is my page here

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Farm Stay Guests

 Excuse the bed unmade - I had yet to do that but snapped some photos of Ella while she was sitting still.

 Cosby is a very handsome fella and so solid - he makes me wish I was still breeding such stunning cats. He looks a little grumpy in the photo but he is far from it - such a smoochy fella. It is hard when the cats stay here for a long period of time as I get a bit too fond of them.

 GUILTY! These three old dears are in full retirement and we are getting no eggs, as they are pets they will stay their days out here. Angie the white hen, her comb is getting whiter with age.

There are two really friendly last years lambs - I mentioned this to the family and found out they have names - this one is Teddy as looks like a teddy bear face..... from experience it is not wise to name your sheep.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Farm Stay Guests

Ella having a good old scratch

Cosby far too busy eating his dinner.

It was a beautiful day here, I kept looking out the window to see if Cosby & Ella were outside yet, but nope they spent their day inside curled up on the hottie.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Koha and Farm Stay Guests

 When we stopped breeding MandaBurms I suggested to Brent we use the runs so cats we had bred could come for a farm stay.  I talked Brent into letting it run on a Koha system which is a Maori custom that reflects the mana of both the giver and receiver. Brent was rather appreciated of the koha from Ella C's family - of course it is for medicinal purposes only...

Ella is forever cleaning Cosby

Ella was rather vocal telling me all about it

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Watching the sheep at the farm stay

Finally I have remembered how to upload a video. Cosby is the only cat featured.
Ella M was rather miffed with me and wouldn't come back out for a video.
I had been patting Ella M then Cosby came and pushed in to get a pat, to which I did stop patting Ella for a moment to give Cosby some attention. Ella turned and glared at me that MandaBurms look, and walked in through the cat door. So no photos of Ella M today.
I had hoped to capture how the sheep all walk past the run after their dinner - will try again today.

Ella C again wouldn't look at the camera - Ella goes home today I'll miss her antics with her toys.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Black cats rule

 Cosby and Ella have arrived for a visit. Oh how I wish the photo wasn't blurred as isn't Cosby stunning.
 The lengths I go to to try and get a good cat photo. Here is one through the cat door.
Cosby says "What are you doing spying at me through the cat door!"

 Ella stayed tucked up warm in the igloo with the hottie.

 She did come out to say hello and have a look out the cat flap.
 Ella C keeps and eye on Cosby and Ella M while she eats her dinner.

 The neighbours horse doing some weed eating around the new native border.

While piggy has a znooooze.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

more rain...

 mummy ewe looking rather rolly maybe she is having twins or could it be triplets
We are still getting rain and with cold temperatures.... me thinks it will be too wet and cold to plant my garlic this weekend.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Playing with the heart chakras

Ella decided to swing off the hearts, she gave them a good biff and whack. She nearly looked at the camera.

Lots and lots of rain..

 There has been lots of flooding and slips which closed the main road into and out of Wellington.
Homes in our area were evacuated but we are fine being up on a rise.

 Some ponds formed in the paddocks meant the sheep hid under the pine trees for shelter and to keep their hooves dry. The geese paddled around in the ponds but I missed getting a photo as they got out each time to waddle up to fence in case I had some tit bits..

James and his friend plowed through the puddles in the jeep but it was dark and no video was taken but no doubt this weekend they will do it again.... and I'll have more washing to wash. Not that I mind. When the kids were little and ponds formed they put the blow up boat in the ponds and used my brooms to paddle.

 Our local walking area was flooded 

A slip closed the main road into and out of Wellington along the coast road.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

NB All MandaBurms Owners

The above photos are from The French Cat book I picked up from the library.
It is by Rachael McKenna - a kiwi girl!

Rachael is looking for cats in New Zealand to photograph for her next book. She is wanting cats with character and personality especially ones with stories that tell a unique bond with the lives of kiwi children. Click here to read more of what Rachael is looking for. I know there are many of a MandaBurms that could feature in the book - both for the stories and the look.

Farm Stay Guest...
I admire photographers who can capture animals.... Would love Racheal to try and capture Ella. No way will she look at the camera for me. The white dots on the red blanket is fluff from the scratching pole - she must be shredding it to pieces but I have no idea hoe she is getting the fluff up on to the igloo. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a video camera in the run to see what she does to the scratching pole.