Saturday, 11 April 2015

Annabel Langbein's VIP Foodies panel member

I received a lovely email from  Annabel Langbein's team sharing they are posting me her new 
Winter Goodness book since I am one of her VIP Foodies panel 

Here is a sneak peek...

Following is the blog post from October 2013 which I did as one of Annabel Langbein's 
 VIP Foodies panel members.

I already have plans going through my head of what I'll do this time...

 It was perfect timing for Annabel Langbein to choose me as one of her VIP Foodies panel members.

Annabel's Magic Baking Mix (page 26) was just wonderful for a gal who was taking the supper

It really was making magic, mixing up Annabel's Magic Baking Mix  (page 27, flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and butter) and choosing from the cookbook some of the TEN different ways you can use it.

With my Magic Baking Mix I made.

Espresso Spice cake (page 30) One of the girls in our group is going to proper cooking school and she helped me dish up - ooh la la Annabel suggested to serve this cake accompanied with a bowl of mascarpone topped with rum - my friend mixed the mascarpone with a little icing sugar and a good slug of rum and made an icing for the cake. - so decadent!

 Gran's Date Loaf (page 30)

 Cheesy Scones (page 34) - photo bombed by Molly.

Using Annabell's Magic Baking Mix, taking a plate was very easy as I only had to grab a couple of cups from the magic mix and I could turn it into three different dishes.

White Chocolate Rocky Road (page 130)
Oh my this was a hit and every single person wants to buy the book.  JUST for this recipe alone it is worth the $19.95

Louise Cake (page 45) - just like my grandma used to make!

Hay! Where is my tit bit asks Maddie.

 Don't yea just love her one ear up and one ear down.

The full moon was up 

Time to gather outside

Around the stone circle

Wasn't the moon magical last night!

#afreerangelife @annabellangbein


  1. how wonderful! the moon pics are fabulous!

    1. It might be a bonfire or two this round for Samhain... I'll decide when I see her recipes. Hope there are some pumpkin dishes,,,

  2. Great moon pictures - and delicious looking food pictures too!

    1. As you know, we don't eat that type of food, but it was sure fun making it, Annabelle's new book is featuring Gluten Free recipes - she has listened to feedback awesome aye.

  3. Oh my! That food looks sooooo good! Especially that white chocolate candy. Love that you drummed in the Moon. It is gorgeous. I have a favorite moon, mine is the waxing crescent. It watched over me after my cancer surgery. :) Hugs, Kit

    1. I'm a lover of every phase of the moon. Lovely to read she gave you comfort after your surgery ((HUGS)))