Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Stonehenge Aotearoa

Stonehenge Aotearoa is not a replica of Stonehenge, Salisbury in England. Instead it is was built with modern scientific knowledge and ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Celtic, Polynesian and Maori starlore. It shows the Sun's position relative to the stars. It also incorporates Matariki, 

Entry to the Stonehenge via the sun gate along the causeway. If standing in the centre of the Henge on a Spring equinox morning one can see the Sun rise in the gateway.

Tane, one of the six heel stones that are outside of the 30 metre diameter circle. The heel stones show the position of the sunrise and sunset for the spring and autumn equinoxes and at the summer and winter solstices. 

As we live in the Southern hemisphere and like to follow the sun, we walked around the Henge widdershins (anti-clockwise)

View of the sunset stones - first stone is Summer Solstice, middle Equinox, far stone is the Winter Solstice Sunset stone.

 The Obelisk allows you to identify the location of the south celestial pole.

The analemma shows how the sun's position changes through the year. We were rather lucky and Richard had just finished a tour presentation and he was more than happy to answer our questions. He explained how the 13th century pope dropped 10 days out of people's lives. Basically the calendar changed overnight in England from 2nd September to 14th September 1752. This means ones star sign may not actually be what you think it is.  Richard took us through how to calculate where the sun was when we were born using the analemma. 

 The compass rose marks the cardinal points 

The Seven Sister stones show where Matariki rises. There is a special event held on Saturday June 20th 2015 to celebrate Matariki and the Winter Solstice. 
Before then is another special event, Autumn Equinox on Saturday 21st March.

Rear view of the Henge.

Richard is fascinating to listen to he teaches via stories and shared his knowledge of Goddess Diana and Orion. I'd highly recommend you book into one of the guided tours.

 Kay and Richard are both a wealth of knowledge - they have written many books which you can get from their shop. Two very special people!

Oh and Kay let me pick a few hollyhock seeds so I've some hollyhock seeds from Stonehenge. Lucky aye!

This post concludes Brent and my little holiday to the Wairarapa. It's been fun sharing it with you all. Thanks heaps for all the comments on the blog, likes on facebook and emails. Your feedback keeps me blogging.


  1. what a trip. this place was wonderful! you squeezed a lot into your little trip!

  2. Hello Leanne,

    You certainly had a great holiday. There is a Stonehenge in Esperance West Australia as well.

    Happy days.

  3. Thanks for the tour Leanne. I've heard about this for a long time now but haven't yet been able to visit. Richard was very helpful when I was gathering extra information for the revised edition of 'Celebrating the Southern Seasons' & I refer to his work in the new introduction. Your photos and guided tour are great.

  4. You sure had a great time visiting special places.