Monday, 16 March 2015

Looking a lot like Autumn

 The Maple leaf tree is my favourite tree, I love following it through the seasons as it changes leaf colours.

I might have to stop feeding the birds as they got to our grapes this year before I did and left us none.

Brent spent his last week of annual leave splitting firewood. Once again we have plenty of wood to keep us warm for winter. Can you see Brent's hand as a measure of how big the pile is? My hand wouldn't even reach on tiptoe.  The woodshed is full plus there is another stack.

 My job is to collect the pine cones up.

 The walnut tree is giving a bumper crop this year.

 We have three avocado's on the tree so far. Now to make sure the possum doesn't eat them this year.

 Crab apples - nearly time for jam making.

The feijoa tree is also going to be a bumper crop this season too.

 My vege garden is coming to the end of the summer growing. I'm still getting cherry tomatoes and the chillies are nearly ready. It is nearly weeded ready for the winter garden to go in.

I blink and the courgettes turn into marrows. The sheep like eating marrows so they don't go to waste

 Golden rod in the herb garden is just starting to flower

The first nerine to bloom

Rodger ram (rear) has been a busy boy and lots of romancing has been going on so we should have lambs once again in August.

Abbey has been teaching me Instagram - it's rather fun but a new world learning about hashtags # and ats @. One follows on Instagram and are not friends. A very different language... but I'm slowly learning to use my phone (finally) and play on Instagram

Have a good week. I've pine cones galore to pick up and a horrible assignment to redo. Yes my first assignment in two years of my naturopathy degree was a not achieved. I was gutted, That is what happens when you set yourself high standards. So this week it is back to the drawing board rewriting a 2000 plus word essay on how urine is formed.


  1. Our leaves haven't begun to to turn yet, but I have had the urge to split wood. So I'm feeling the change but our trees are not. So I wonder if we have some more heat to come.

    1. We have had very little rain this summer - we are meant to get some today from cyclone Pam. But none yet. I wonder if that is why our trees have changed already???. The evenings have been warm and I've been working as long as I can in the garden before daylight saving arrives.

  2. I so truly love fall! We are just now getting to spring here in the States.

    1. I've always been a spring summer girl, but autumn I'm quite taken with. Winter still not a fan. I like sun and warmth

  3. what will you do with the pine cones? that is a lot of wood! i sure wish fall was arriving here. but i guess i do need a couple seasons for pumpkins to grow so i will put up with it!

    1. We burn the pinecones great to start a fire with and get good embers burning. I didn't grow any pumpkins this year, and regretting it.