Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lake Ferry

Lake Ferry  is a small settlement on the eastern shore of lake Onoke. 

The Lake Ferry Hotel was established in 1851 - Primarily as a base for the ferry service across the lake, the publican was also the ferryman.
Before roads, the coastal route was the main access for people and livestock entering the Wairarapa and the Hawkes Bay regions.  It is the oldest licensed hotel in the Wairarapa and one of the oldest in New Zealand. 
Apparently back in the day, the original publican had to be granted a 'bush Licence'  to allow him to serve alcohol. The original building has long gone and the current bungalow style structure is more suitable for today’s conditions... History proves it has withstood many a spectacular coastal storm.

 James Merson and wife Ester (nee Walker) were the  hotel proprietors in 1880

Everyone suggested to us that we should be going to Lake Ferry Hotel for Fish n Chips.
 So we went and had Fish n Chips... 

     The lake as viewed while dining... A narrow sand bar can be seen on the opposite shore -  This separates the lake from the ocean.
A very beautiful coastline....  However it is treacherous - The sea while appearing very inviting has a dangerous under tow.


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    1. I'm not a big fish n chip fan but everyone we bumped into asked were we going to Lake Ferry for Fish n chips? So we had to find out what we were missing. The dearest fish n chips we have ever had at $19.50 each - but we don't eat out often so way out of touch with what it costs to eat out.