Friday, 6 March 2015

Glow Worm Caves

These Glow worm caves have to be the best kept secret in New Zealand. Above is a photo of the owners who kindly let people onto their land for a donation so others can also enjoy their glow worm cave.The farmers are having a hard time with no rain, much worse than us here in Kapiti, But we are also hanging out for rain.

Ruakakoputuna is not too far from Cape Palliser and we highly recommend you make the effort to visit the glow worm caves.

Entry down into the caves

It is recommended that you take foot wear you don't mind getting wet - I took my trusty old gumboots that filled up with water. Rather fun!

(and are easy to empty the water out).

Thankfully no eels swam into my gumboot or up Brent's trouser leg.

A school group arrived the same time as us. When I asked the kids what school they were from, they all proudly said together Te Ra. What a small world, a Steiner School from our own area. If we didn't homeschool Steiner would of been a school we would of chosen. 
The children were lovely and polite and really into their trip. They are a credit to their school!
One of the boys picked up a fresh water crayfish and I took a few photos for them which I will email to their school.
The school is very pro on limiting screen time (which we were too when homeschooling). We do believe it is better for children to play outdoors than sit exercising their thumbs and taking selfies of themselves.

We didn't take any photos of the glow worms- that would of been cruel - but honest it was an amazing experience. The above photo is coming to the end of the cave with light showing the way out. Allow a good hour to visit these caves.

If you come to New Zealand the Waitmo Glow worm caves are very spectacular - you won't get your feet wet - instead you get taken by boat to see them, Both caves are must do's.


  1. i never heard of this before but how cool! i would so NOT go waiding in that water. fish and eels and those things freak me out!

  2. Looks like a great visit!! A school friend in the King Country had some awesome caves on their farm - staying in the shearing quarters then going caving - wonderful summer holiday memories!!