Saturday, 7 March 2015

Galtimore Log Cabin

A very nice spot.... We suggest the only thing that would improve this view is...
  Imagine some smoke coming out the chimney

 There is just something wonderful about a log cabin and quilts. 
I always take my own pillow and quilt with me when I go away.

I blame my love of quilts and log cabins on Laura Ingalls Wilder and Little House on the Prairie.
Did you see there is a new book out called Pioneer Girl - it must be popular as it has gone out of print already. I hope to score a copy with the next print run.

Let me take you on a tour inside the Log Cabin

 An open plan of dining room, lounge and kitchen area.
It has an open fire, with plenty of wood, which will be soo snug and warm in winter.

 A fold down couch into a double bed in lounge area so the Log Cabin can sleep more than two.

 Beautiful dinner wear and candles to set a romantic dining experience.

 Two hobs for cooking,a microwave plus a bbq outside 

Generous amount of stores for breakfast, fresh eggs, nice coffee, raw sugar, tea bags, cereal, tinned fruit, bread for toast and a good choice of spreads. Orange juice and milk in fridge plus a jar of cookies..

Don't yea just love how they have presented the fresh farm eggs from their hens.

Fresh flowers and lots of candles.
The log cabin is promoted as a Cosy Romantic Retreat.
To which it is.

It's a modern timber lined cabin

with exposed timber ceilings.

 Doors open from bedroom (a very comfortable queen bed) to the deck 

 It just keeps getting better. The bathroom is wonderfully LARGE and beautifully clean, with huge luxury spa bath towels. A double his and her vanity.

 Separate toilet.
A large double spa bath.

 I accidentally poured 3/4 of the bottle of bubble bath provided into the bath. It just went PLOP out of the container. So we had a HUGE bubble bath. The bath is a spa bath so imagine our laughter when Brent turned on the spa jets... BUBBLES galore.... We felt like two big kids Thank goodness the log cabin is private and well away from the farm house. Otherwise the owners would of wondered what on earth all our laughter was about.

A slate tiled double shower.... now that is a shower!

 A lovely country view from the deck

 While having breakfast we saw a kingfisher land on the tree, I missed getting a photo as was charging the camera's battery. But it was rather special just to sit and be with the kingfisher instead of looking through a camera lens.

There is a little stream out back. Brent went to look and see if there were any eels about.... Pretty cool photo of an eel with a titbit in his mouth aye... There were lots of scraps between the eels and this big fella was definitely the boss for this stretch of the stream.

                                        You are encouraged to walk around their 30 acres.

 I loved their potager garden

A very awesome chicken coop and run.

Kelsey the farm dog - she wasn't too impressed that I asked her to sit for a photo. She mustn't be allowed to go down by the log cabin as not once did she come down. We just met her when we walked around the garden.

 From the Galtimore Log Cabin is a beautiful walk to Ruamahanga River (all in walking distance).

Fly fishing is on my bucket list and you can actually do trout fishing in the Ruamahanga river
Autumn is the best time to get some large trout as it is when sea run trout move into the river.

Click here to find out more about Galtimore Log Cabin - at $120 per night we felt it was a tad on the cheap side for what you get. I won't be surprised if they put their rates up.

 When we stay a night to review on the blog via sponsorship we like to leave a little something.
Isn't Annabelle's card just perfect from Drawing a Fine Line.

 Ruth Pretty just happened to be in her shop when we popped in to buy one of her books. I asked her if I could be cheeky and get her to autograph her cook book. She said "That is not not cheeky, it is rather flattering". Ruth asked us where was the log cabin - she sounded quite intrigued. Maybe she was thinking of a location to photo shoot for another of her books? Anyway I will flick her a link to the blog so she can see too where we stayed. 

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Galtimore Log Cabin. For more information on sponsorship click here.


  1. wow...what a place! except for the eels!!! i like eels, except as meals, and the way they feels. 'ogden nash!'

  2. Sounds and looks like my kinda place, Leanne! Love that it is so rustic but with the mod cons!

    1. Yes it is lovely and close to Martinbourough so can easy use the cabin for a ladies quilting retreat too as has a double couch in lounge.

  3. I thought about you last night. My husband and I were going over to a restaurant for dinner and heading down a very straight road. The moon which was full was just over the horizon directly in front of us. You know how huge it looks when it's just risen and the color was just gorgeous. A bright orangy gold color. Truly magnificent!

  4. wow...what a beautiful place to stay Leanne!! xo

    1. Was really wonderful. private and quite. Perfect!

  5. That looks a wonderful place to stay. You reminded me of when Max and I stayed at Te Awamutu and I poured some bubble bath into the bath. The whole bathroom was covered in bubbles. I just laughed and laughed. It took ages to get rid of all the bubbles.

  6. Looks awesome! Bubbles and hay with the eggs and all!

    1. Isn't the egg bowl CUTE. Love their plates with hearts - it's all the little small details that just make a place wonderful.

  7. Looks like a nice relaxing place to stay. I bet they were pleased to get todays rain.