Saturday, 21 March 2015

Farm Stay Guests

Its Mobys first stay here - He has been here 3 days now and is settling in rather well.   
He was a little wary of the new surroundings at first but has worked out that he's nice and safe in his cat run and all the sheep that wander along outside the run and the geese and the pukekos can't actually get too close. 
A comfortable sunny spot for a nice old boy... Moby is 11 years old now,but you can't tell - he's very heavy to pick up and a rather solid and muscular boy.

Beau and Sienna often stay here and they act like they are at home... Beau has just finished washing his face
And Sienna is bunting my shoe while Beau finishes off by licking his nose 
Bunting is a MandaBurms black cat trait...Nearly all the black cats we have bred do this

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