Friday, 20 March 2015

Farm Stay Guests

  Beau and Sienna were a tad rude to their mum, she got no goodbyes they just zipped back into routine here and zoomed in to check out that everything is how it normally is when they are here.
 As the norm with most cats that stay here - I do all the work of cleaning and feeding and the cats make big fusses of Brent.

 Now who have we here?

 Moby is an 11 year old fella that doesn't usually go away. He was not thrilled, but did come out of his carry cage and climbed in the igloo which has a hottie and his blanket from home . Smells from home do help the cats adjust.

I never push the cats to come and meet us, We let them settle in their own time. But day one Moby got offered his dinner in bed.


  1. Such a great place for the cats to visit Leanne, they are looked after so lovingly.

  2. Breakfast in bed! Yup going to book myself into your cattery when nest I visit your land lol do you think I'll fit in that igloo?

  3. I've been tying up cabbage tree leaves too, while out at the bach. It's a good feeling preparing for the winter fires.