Friday, 27 March 2015

A busy week....

It has been a busy, flatout, roller coaster ride week. ... One of those weeks!

The hops are ready for harvesting, quince jelly made, and the trucks doors are now at the painters. 

Plus I've been accepted into year 3 (the final year) of my naturopathy course

I've been learning Instagram too - it is rather fun. You can find me here.


  1. Passion fruit, how I wish we could grow them here. Quinces galore here, jelly made, also blackberry jelly, and tomatoes pulped for winter soup.

  2. Busy but fruitful :-) Congratulations on being accepted into Year 3!!!

  3. Congratulations - Go Girl!! Love the look of that jelly.

  4. and i posted my one sad little passion fruit which is now in me belly and cost 2.00. i would sit and eat all of those passion fruits!