Friday, 6 February 2015

What we are wearing to the Garden party

We have had so much fun reading all of your comments, facebook messages and emails.
So do you wanna see what we will be wearing today?

 Abbey is wearing an Annah Stretton flip it dress - A New Zealand designer. The Wellington shop assistant (shop manager)  was just fab helping Abbey choose a dress. We will be back!
Her shoes are from Mischief Shoes

Abbey's earrings are from an Etzy store they are a genuine turquoise stone

The clutch is from Paperdoll

Don't yea love the paperbag? Paperdoll is a local boutique store in Raumati Beach.

Abbey has knitted the most darling crop cardi to wear incase it was a bit chilly and it looks like she will get to wear it. She has just got to sew the buttons on so check back later to see the cardi she has knitted.

We have been given fascinators and hatinators to borrow from Farm Stay Guest owners 
I'm learning a new language a hatinator is the one that looks more like a hat and the others are called fascinators. Isn't that fascinating.

Me I am wearing a Jean Jones dress I already own but I did buy a dust jacket also from Jean Jones another New Zealand designer plus the clothes are made in New Zealand.

 I'm taking, my normal day bag as I want to fit in my camera. I will try and take heaps of photos so you can feel you too were at the Garden Party. My bag is very similar to the New Zealand Briarwood bags that I just love but half the price. Which is what happens when you have champagne tastes on beer budget when you are a student .

My new shoes have been sods to get used to. In the end I took them back to the shop as we wondered if the lady had put the wrong size in the box. She was ever so nice letting me try on soo many it could easily of happened. The owner was lovely and as there was not another bigger size he kept my shoes for a few days and used a shoe stretcher to stretch them. They are much better.

I'm getting quite good at shopping, I brought two more pairs of shoes off Global Shoes - another local shop. I'll sneak a pair of the ballet flats in the car incase my shoes do hurt. Remember I am used to barefeet and gumboots...

The shopping just keeps going... a petticoat was needed and a new bra as my favourite one broke. It does feel a bit funny knowing the lady who fitted you is going to be watching the Tv to try and spot you in the crowd. Being fitted for underwear is not one of my favourite things to do but the ladies at Kirkcaldies are always lovely a good fitting bra is ever so important I think.. I was in fits of laughter trying on shapewear, I'm really not a girlie girl..and no I didn't buy one of those.

One of my girl friends asked if we were getting our nails done - like really me get false nails? I did go to my Podiatrist Does that count?
Brent will get some photos of us girls all dressed up. It is all rather exciting.


  1. i love how much fun you two are having getting ready for this event. i can't wait to see the pics!

    1. Here's a link of the massive preparations for today .

      We are looking forward to seeing the seven costumes too as we drive into Wellington.

  2. You gals will look swell! have fun!

  3. It's so exciting Leanne - cant wait to see moer!!