Saturday, 7 February 2015

Waitangi Day

 Bledisloe Garden reception was in memory of the Governor General Lord Bledisole who gifted the Treaty House and grounds at Waitangi to the nation. 

Both flags flying proud - our national New Zealand flag and the Maori flag. There is talk of a new flag to be designed for New Zealand.

A wonderful memory for mother and daughter a garden party at Government House.

I promised you all a photo of us all dressed up.
A special thank you to - Samantha Hannah who gave me style advise and helped Abbey choose a fascinator. Sam was wonderful and such an encouragement to me. She knew dressing up was not my thing and eased my nerves by saying there will be so many other woman like me there that are all feeling the same.  
When we arrived I was thinking oh my I am soo over dressed. I text one of my friends who loves fashion stating this and she text back "No you won't be. Your interpretation of what you wear you got it right. Hold your head high! You don't slip along to the Government House darling! I think the word respect comes into it and Government House is to be respected."

Here is our Abbey - she has such an eye for colour and being a water element she is all into detail. (Where as I am a fire element).

 Rachel from FeatherBrush Yarns died the yarn especially for her Myrna by Andi Satterlund from Untangling Knots.

When we arrived the band was playing

Before we left I found out there was going to be 3,000 people, GASP! Being an empath I really do not do well in crowds but we found a quite spot. The only complaint I have of the whole day is there was not enough seats. Us girls had to sit on the grass but other than the seating the day was perfect.

Beautiful woman form the Wellington Iwi - I've forgotten which tribe they are from they did tell me. I know some of my friends will help me out so I can put this in.

The official guests were on the balcony

One could have high tea - the steampunk folks were such fun and a sure crowd pleaser.

The lady on the left chatted to us and shared how once one gets to a certain age one doesn't care what others think and you get to enjoy being yourself. My sorta gal!

Official speeches  the Governor-General of New Zealand, Sir Jerry Mateparae and his wife, Lady Janine.

Justin Duckworth the Anglican Bishop of Wellington giving a prayer
Don't yea dig the dreadlocks. His story is wonderful - he really has walked his talk
His wife Jenny is a lovely person.

Samoan-New Zealanders Sol3 Mio brought a lump to my throat with their beautiful voices singing the New Zealand Anthem both in Maori and English.

Hope you also enjoy learning about these three young boys who did New Zealand Proud.

I tell you we were looked after. Once the official part of the ceremony was over Maree one of the staff came up to us and asked us if we would like to meet his Excellency and Lady Janine. Of course we said oh yes please! Maree ushered us away and we had men in the army and navy who crowd controlled. Like can you imagine out of 3,000 people Abbey and I got such treatment?

Sir Jerry Mateparae obviously enjoys people and he made these little girls so comfortable. It was a delight listening to the little girl chat away to him. Their mum must be so proud, they were two beautifully polite girls.

The Governor General is into social media and reads all his facebook messages. He even posts on facebook. He was more than happy to have his photo taken with so many people. An army officer kindly took our photo.

Lady Janine a beautiful person - we asked her who designed her dress and she did! Sir  Jerry Mateparae had told Abbey that his wife used to be a pattern cutter (I think I have remembered that right). Lady Janine said she chose the fabric and she, with her dressmaker designed the dress.
Can you see Fiona another Kapiti girl photo bombing? giggle. I'll have to send her a copy. (her partner entered the ballot thinking he was entering the Bledisloe cup - too funny!)

The highlight for Abbey was being able to have a chat with Trelise Cooper. Trelise called Abbey over and  commented on her outfit!!! For non New Zealander's Trelise is up there in fashion - one of her clients is Stevie Nicks. Pure BUZZ and what a beautiful person Trelise is inside and out.

We had a fabulous time! It was such a big privilege to be part of such a wonderful day. I am a terribly proud kiwi!

Sorry no food photos - we kept away from the crowds so were cheap guests to feed. Abbey did have a raw fish salad that was served in a little seashell that waiters had brought around. Then we got whisked away to meet his Excellency and Abbey is looking around for somewhere to put her shellfish and napkin. So what does a good mum do - she says give it here and wraps it up in the napkin and pops it in her handbag... Giggle another fun memory moment that I am sure will be told over and over again through life.

I hope you enjoyed our day with us. Thanks soo much for all the facebook, email and blog messages - we really do have such fun blog readers. xxx


  1. I have tears....such an amazing day for you both..and you both looked smashing. Thought of you all day.

    1. Thanks Pam and I hope you enjoyed all the details I told you that I left out of the blog.... so exciting aye xxx

  2. oh WOW!!!!! what a day! i am a proud kiwi right now too! first of all, i love the way the maori are finally embraced. ( i've watched rabbit proof fence about a million times!) you two look so beautiful! your outfits were perfect! how wonderful to meet all of those interesting people. i love the steampunks and the advice. and sol3 mio just blew me away. what a wonderful memory!!!

    1. A fun day aye ! Hay Rabbit Proof Fence is Australian (us kiwis like to make it clear we are not aussies and the aussies like to make it clear they are not kiwis SMILE) Boy is an NZ film, Once for Warriors is another NZ themed and Whale Rider, Goodbye Pork Pie, Foortrot Flats. now there is a good selection of us kiwis. xxx

  3. Marvelous! Thank you for sharing your event with us arm chair travelers.

    1. Oh you are soo welcome it was a wonderful day xx

  4. You both look REALLY beautiful. Thanks for sharing your stunning day, so glad the weather behaved for you. Gosh I thinkI would've probably just about peed my pants if Trelisse Cooper called me over ... Abbey did so well :-)

    1. Thanks Julie, Trelisse was super fab! I think we are still buzzing

  5. You gals are KNOCKOUTS!! You both look beautiful. What a treat of a day, lovely weather, good music and some food stuffed away in your handbag!

    1. LOL the handbag trick will be laughed about for many years (there were no rubbish bins about)