Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I brought James and Brent tickets to the SLASH concert for Christmas which was a BIG surprise for them. Thank goodness Abbey brought the tickets for me on her Ipad as I was looking for the best seats in a stadium overseas....

Yesterday I won them passes to MEET Slash at the soundcheck.

Hence I'm a pretty popular wife and mum

I know lots of the songs and sounds due to

the musicians that hang out in our paddocks.

I did of course share to the promoters James makes steel guitars.

IMAGINE if SLASH played one of James' Goblin Guitars???

Just IMAGINE.....

Like I'm sure SLASH had a mum rooting for him too 

Hay I just went and googled and yes Slash shares about his mum Ola Hudson....

"She turned me on to all different forms of art and the importance of artistic self expression 
and creative communication thru music and dance from as early on as I can remember."

And a quote from Slash about his dad Anthony Hudson

My first professional gig was at Al's Bar, playing in a band with friends of my dad's. My dad was very proud of my love of guitar and always bragged to his friends about me."

I'm like So excited for Brent and James they will have a fab time.

The boys have promised me photos...

PS Slash is a cat lover! The best kinda men are cat lovers.


  1. Oh exciting! No wonder you are the best Mum and wife! Sweet Child is still a favourite of mine!

    1. Much fun aye, Sooo many fun things are a happening for our family to look forward to. February is being an awesome month.

  2. brendan thinks that slash needs one of jame's custom guitars!

    1. who knows they are taking one with them bigggg buzzz aye