Monday, 9 February 2015

Not ready....

The birds make such a mess flicking the bark off the garden

The weather has changed - we seem to of lost summer and an autumn nip has appeared. The leaves are changing too......a tad too early for the beginning of February. An extra quilt has been put on beds too.
Come back summer ....


  1. We are in the depth of winter in Perth, ON! I hauled in some wood and did off the driveway in -15 today. I adore your greens!

  2. i'll be there soon! build a bonfire for me please!

  3. We are feeling the cool here in Auckland too. It makes driving around the city a lot easier, but some fine weather will also be welcome before too long.

  4. Extra quilts on the bed are always nice on a cold night aren't they? Stay warm!

  5. It has an autumnal feel here in Whangarei as well.