Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Full Moon

The Corn Moon was at NZ time 12.09am this morning. It was a sleepless night for me as it often is on a Full Moon. Thank goodness we have no close neighbours as I was floating around in my summer nighty and barefeet enjoying the moon beams. 

In the Southern Hemisphere the February Full Moon is known as a Corn or Barley Moon. A moon to honour the staple grain harvests. Usually we are eating corn from the garden at every meal in February. This year we have none as I didn't plant corn and I am missing home grown corn. 
In the Northern Hemisphere the February Moon is known as the Snow Moon

The lunar cycles affect more than just the tides. There is also a connection between the rhythm of the moon and women’s menstrual cycles. 
I encourage  my clients to take a note of the phases of the moon and the phases of their own menstrual cycle. Getting them to tune into their menstrual cycle to see if it is in their waxing or waning phase and how does it relate with the phase of the moon? 

As woman reach menopause age their personal cycles often become erratic and eventually stop. It can be a challenge to no longer tune into your own personal cycle and by learning to tune into the seasons and the moon phases can often help.

I recommend also that they take some time every evening to just look up, and locate the moon. Here is a website that can help you locate what phase the moon is in. and

Did you get to see the Full Moon? 

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