Sunday, 22 February 2015

Farm Stay Guests

 Pancho has won all our hearts. He even looks forward to seeing our cats. I think he could easily just slip into a member of our family. (I always feel like this when a guests stays for a while)

 Maji popping down to say hi Pancho

 Cinders having big conversations with Pancho

 Lordy his crossed paws cracks me up.

 I did snap a shot of Cinders and Pancho talking

Laura leaving - I think Pancho is in love with Laura....


  1. How sweet. We have just acquired a kitty, Half Burmese half Rag Doll. He is the cutest thing. Very Burmese in that he likes to climb everywhere, a ball of energy. Very Rag Doll in that he loves to snuggle.I think perhaps the perfect cat.

    1. Oh yes that DOES sound like the perfect cat (not that I want Laura to hear) XX

  2. Awww Mr Pancho does look like he would be happy to be part of your gang. They are all looking awesome by the way, we have missed seeing them.

    Miss Pops was back in the house asleep in the lounge last night which makes me happy.