Thursday, 19 February 2015

Farm Stay Guest

I've been having fun with my inner hairdresser wanna be.

 Pancho loves to be brushed

He just lies back and let me brush him - even his tummy.

I was ever so worried how he was gonna stay nice and white while on the farm stay - but he does. Not ever owning a ragdoll cat before I was nervous he would go home with tangles. But nope Pancho just adores being brushed - even under his arm pits and down by those private parts.

He wasn't too impressed with the brushed forward mane look, but he let me have my fun. Our Burmese would of put me in my place but Pancho keeps coming back for more. Ragdolls I bet would make the best little girls pet ever.
I hope over the years more ragdolls come to the farm stay especially if they are all like Pancho.

1 comment:

  1. Pancho - you look like you are loving it dude. Me - I hate being brushed like that but will tolerate a comb on my top furs only.