Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The World is changing - slowly, quietly and differently than before.

Small businesses are doing things differently - often without having to use a bank they are doing pledges to help raise finances. 

A New Zealand small unbakery is doing just this. They are letting community members get behind their business by setting up a pledge fund. (click on link to read more

They have offered lots of different option for a pledge. Our family members have done two - the unbakery book and the Little Bird Hamper which are some of the options for out of town folk who want to give a hand.

They want to raise $55,000 and so far since the word went out yesterday they have raised $14,770. I have a feeling they will raise well over their minimum target of $30,000.

Gotta love Dave Ramsay and his quotes which are very true.

 I was a bank manager before kids and we had targets, targets to reach for credit lending. I used to win awards and special chocolate fish etc for exceeding lending targets.  How do bank staff reach their targets, they upsell by encouraging clients to borrow more than they intended to.,,,Would you like a new car, boat, holiday- not a problem put it on your house mortgage..... Hence why Brent and I chose to get off the bus so to speak and taught our kids how the financial system works.

I'm loving the new way of financing by pledging. If you feel inspired pop over to Little Bird and lend them a hand.
Ps Megan';s personal story of health is encouraging for others who struggle.

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