Sunday, 11 January 2015

Walk about

I often wonder what folks like to read on the blog I know it is very eclectic - but that is I suppose my personality.
Life interests me in such huge ways.
Do you want to see more walk about photos?
I don't always take my camera, but could if folks like to see the critters I enjoying watching...

Anyway today's blog I've taken you on a walk about...

 The variable oystercatcher sure knows how to wear colour pink and orange together how awesome.
Tracey he reminded me of your dress and shoes. I'm still in LOVE with those shoes you wore!

 They are busy fellas digging away with their beaks for their tucker - looks like this lady needs to clean her beak. I'm guessing it is a female - the females have longer beaks.

  Mother and chick

 She could be sitting on a nest. They build their nest straight on the beach with  little or no nesting.

Farm Stay Guests..

Minka - good girl posing for a photo

Leonardo and Bella wee hooning about and I couldn't get a good shot so here's a collage of what I snapped


  1. Love the photos! Especially since I live in Massachusetts where there is snow and COLD.

  2. It's always interesting to seewhat's going on in your world! Great photos! Happy Sunday :-)

  3. That birds sure does wear the pink and orange well!