Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Walk About

  A Royal Spoonbill is one of my favourite birds to watch out for

 I was pretty lucky to snap this fella's crest

  Their beak is of course what gives away its name which is used like a spoon sweeping it through the water sideways looking for food.

 Tucked in to roost in the macrocarpa tree.

The poor marocarpa tree is dying from all the bird droppings. Plus it sure is smelly from the fishy bird droppings. I wonder if the home owners get accustomed to the smell? My nose sure wrinkles when I walk past.

  Oh look there is a Teddy. I have forgotten what the lady said her dog was called, as to me it is a Teddy.

I haven't seen many Chows before and know to be wary as they are good guard dogs. This Teddy did lunge at me but the owner said it was only being friendly.

I'm fascinated that Chow Chows have a blue/black tongue. Their roof of mouth and gums should be black too if true to breed.  Joyce tells me ".. some say they are blue and they have blue tongues because when god was painting the sky blue, the chows licked up the dripped paint". 


  1. the chow lunged and the owner said it was just being friendly? yeah, right! haha! this is a very cute chow chow! a bit darker than teddy. this is more a cinnamon chow whereas teddy is a cream.

  2. Oh he does look like a teddy bear. Sick of the grey and gloomy weather, although I am sure it will be nice tomorrow as I head back to work.


  3. lovely walkabout, I don't think anyone would get used to a smelly tree :)