Sunday, 18 January 2015


Tracking down the honey man at the market is always a highlight of my month. 
He is such an interesting man to chat to. I'd love to have a beehive but as I'm allergic to bees, it wouldn't be very wise, Such a shame as I do so love bees.

I was chuffed to get some of his raw bee wax. I laughed at the teeth marks on the block. You can see the teeth markings in the photo towards the rear of the block. They were made by his pet goat. Goats do make the best pets ever!
The brown parts on the wax block is pure gold when making up creams. Filled with good stuff - pollen and propolis.

Farm Stay Guests

Minka keeping an eye on all the construction work going on.


  1. i too would love to have hives but i am so terribly allergic!

  2. What fabulous beeswax Leanne. I love the extras in your wonderful. I have been using my wax to make bees wrap lately. It's fantastic stuff. I added some propolis tincture & manuka oil to mine. Use it to cover & wrap food instead of plastic wrap xx