Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Happy Birthday

 Laura is 12 years old today - she was one of the first cats we bred. She is from the Little House on the Prairie litter (we named all our litters after books) 

 In Laura's breeding career she had 15 litters and 98 kittens.
6 kitties born Jan 04
7 kitties born Sep 04
6 kitties born May 05
8 kitties born Nov 05
8 kitties born July 06
8 kitties born Nov 06
9 kitties born May 07
9 kitties born Nov 07
7 kitties born July 08
8 kitties born Jan 09
5 kitties born July 09

2 kitties born Jan 10
6 kitties born June 10
3 kitties born Dec 10
6 kitties born June 11

I'm often asked if I will breed cats again - but I don't think so. I didn't like having to move on the old cats once they got too old for breeding. Visitors also appreciate using the bathroom without kitten in it too.

Laura is able to live out her years here as a pampered retired girl.

When we stopped breeding, we opened up the Farm Stay and the kittens we bred  come back for a holiday. It really is wonderful seeing how the kittens have grown and the joy the cats bring their owners.

Charles is Laura's litter mate and he comes each Christmas to stay. He is a character like Laura.

Farm Stay Guest.

Laura is an Aunty to Pinot

I didn't get one photo of Pinot looking at the camera. 
There is just too many other things to see


  1. better her than me...that is a LOT of babies!

    1. Smile Our breeding queens were healthy and that is why our girls had such big litters. It was fun.

  2. Happy Birthday. Laura! You're such a beautiful girl!!