Sunday, 4 January 2015

Clay Bath

Filling up the outdoor bath by running the hose to the hot water tap inside - as you do

Make do privacy screens of pea straw

Tea light holders and candles placed around the bath which I was given from friends for my birthday

 Can you all imagine how wonderful it was sitting under nearly a full moon on a summer's night?

I needed photos for the Lunar Cycle Cleanse  that starts tomorrow. 
Clay bathing is part of the cleanse

 Clicke HERE to find out more about the workshop I'm running.
The goal of the Lunar Cycle Cleanse is to promote a gentle, balancing and cleansing detoxification.

Dandelions feature in the Lunar Cycle Cleanse

 As does Lemon Verbena 
There is still time if you wish to join the Lunar Cycle Cleanse.
Just flick me an email for more information

Farm Stay Guests.

 Bella having a little peek over at Pinot

 Bella and Leonardo got moved around again so now they have the indoor outdoor run.

Leonardo and Pinot, cousins meeting each other - they are best of mates no growls or hisses.

Pinot having a run in the tunnel.


  1. Your bath looks fantastic!! I always think of you when it's a full moon - and now there will be a bath in the picture too!

    1. SMILE hope you haven't got too much of a vivid imagination to see me in the bath

  2. you finally got to use it!!! i should swim in my pool under a full moon!

  3. Awesome bath! And the best lighting ever......the MOON!

  4. I hope you get lots of pleasure out of your bath.
    I was just reading about all the cats being burnt to death in the cattery in the South Adelaide Hill in OZ. Do you have an emergency plan for your pets? It must be so bad for those owners being responsible for others pets.
    I know they lost their home and their business too but telling others of the pet deaths must be the worst part.. It's hard to think about how bad they feel.

    ps. Happy New Year to ALL your family.

    1. Yes I was really upset by the news - a friend who was close to the fire in Australia sent it through to me.

      I'm gutted that not one cat was saved. But over 40 dogs were.
      I can only imagine how big the kennels and cattery must of been. Personally I couldn't ever put one of my pets in such a large cattery or kennels. But that is just me.
      Yes we have emergency plans for our place and all owners leave their cat cages here. We are small and only a hobby not a business - mainly cats we have bred come back to visit.
      Sounds awful, but very practical. Someone I know who does run a business cattery has pillow slips on hand for such an emergency. A cat can be quickly and efficiently contained in such an emergency via a pillow slip which would be important with large catteries rather than trying to manage 50 -60 cat cages??? and transport.
      I do feel very sorry for all the pet owners.

      The fires did look horrific and I know fire can spread really fast so I am in no way judging - just very very sad for ALL..

  5. I'll bet it is so nice to bathe under a full moon but with my luck one of the sheriff's helicopters would fly over with their spot light on! My husband did something similar and a hot air balloon flew over- very low! LOL There goes his plans for an outdoor shower!

    1. Oh yes it sue is fun! But thanks I will be listening for any low flying objects. SMILE

    2. that word should be sure not sue.