Friday, 23 January 2015

An at home holiday

 Gosh it is quite hard to have an at home holiday - one sees things that needs doing, and want to do.
Such as having a little clean up which meant a boot load went to the Salvation Army.
Organised my craft supplies and tossed some cross stitch that I know I will never finish, organised one cross stitch to finally get framed and chosen a craft project for this year.

“If one changes internally,

 one should not continue to live with the same objects.”
Anais Nin

Simplified my garlic harvest by not plaiting the garlic. Instead I sat in the sun and listened to my audio book The 100 year old man who climbed out the window and Disappeared - gosh I am loving it! And just trimmed the stalks and tails off the garlic. Kept the best ones for this years planting,

 Sorted out my tulip bulbs. Shook all my poppy seeds out of the pods for seeds. Such lovely jobs while being sun kissed in the sun.

Flew a kite

walks on the beach

  watching the sun set

Sent smoke signals

I'd sorted out old school books and let James burn his school books
'Bet there aren't many mums in the world who let kids burn their school books

Burning the algebra book I am sure must of been very satisfying and therapeutic 

Today is another at home holiday....
.I don't idle well and do find it hard to do nothing... 
I will keep trying.


  1. why didn't i think of burning all of my math books? and for that matter, every math book in existence! and all of my kafka in german? i think a book burning ceremony could be very cathartic! i love that kite!

    1. There are more books to burn still. There was a man on the beach flying his kite, so I asked if he would mind if I had a turn - it was ever so fun.

  2. great post! looks like you are having a nice rest.

    1. Thanks, yes good to stop studying for a bit.