Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunshine and colour healing

                       We have an abundance of Aussie invaders - Eastern Rosella's at our place

As a totem bird they are known for sunshine and colour healing

We are planting many native trees replacing the pines as they get pulled down and would prefer that the Easter Rosella's didn't like our place as they compete for food with our New Zealand native birds. They are well known for causing damage to fruit crops mmm so looks like we have some competition for our plums,

The birds that hang out here give the farm stay guests some live entertainment,

I didn't get any photo of the guests yesterday - we were running late to go to the movies so it was just pet and feed time no paparazzi. (Milo did eat some mince, phew as he can be fussy)

We went and saw St Vincent - oh my Bill Murray was awesome! LOVED, Loved, LOVED! the movie a 5/5. But my kinda movie, clean, funny and really sad too


  1. I didn't know they came as Far East as New Zealand. Did they arrive themselves or are they an introduced species. Glad you enjoyed the movie. Love bill Murray xxx

  2. those birds sure are colorful! i can't wait to see this movie!

  3. We have those colourful birds up here too. Hey the movie looks really good!!

  4. Glad to hear it is good! I can't wait to see it. Gorgeous birds! It must be awesome to have them flitting about. Kit